Dr. Jeffrey Bewley - Dairy Systems Management Expert

About Dr. Jeffrey Bewley

Dr. Jeffrey Bewley is currently Support Manager at BoviSync (herd management software) and a partner in CowFocused Housing. His extension program dealt with dairy systems management through several initiatives, including Market Incentive Leadership for Kentucky (MILK) Counts, which he started in 2009. MILK Counts was focused on lowering bulk tank somatic cell counts (SCC) and has implemented a multi-faceted approach to extension programming for SCC reduction. The approach included workshops and on-farm visits as well as YouTube videos and a decision dashboard. He was also involved in the Southeast Quality Milk Initiative project. Jeffrey Bewley has also been an instrumental leader in the development of the field of Precision Dairy Monitoring technologies, speaking around the world on this topic. Dr. Jeffrey Bewley also has overseen the Kentuckiana Dairy Exchange, the Kentucky Compost Bedded Pack Barn Project, and the Freestall Barn Cow Comfort Modernization programs.

Dr. Jeffrey Bewley holds three degrees, including a BS in animal science with a minor in agricultural economics and an MS in dairy science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He earned his PhD in animal sciences, with a focus on dairy systems management, from Purdue University. Before becoming a professor, Dr. Bewley served as a graduate research assistant at Purdue.